Saturday, 21 June 2008

Inspired to write

I'm always apologising for not updating my blog regularly. Bad Elle, naughty Elle, *slap on wrists*. There we go.

Well to be honest the reasons are perfectly legitimate. In the past three weeks I am either:

1. Working
2. At church
3. In the gym
4. Cartwheeling around deeds packets trying to prepare reports on title
5. At client events
6. At work events
7. Preparing pitch documents
8. Out with friends who are either
8.1 Celebrating their birthdays
8.2 Celebrating their engagement
8.3 Celebrating being single
8.4 Going away to
8.4.1 Peru to teach English
8.4.2 Canada to be a lawyer
8.4.3 All over the world to, just travel... FOR A WHOLE YEAR!

Good grief my humble rented apartment is like a hotel. I don't even shower here anymore. It's basically work --> gym --> shower hair & make up at gym --> back to work to leave my gym stuff and swap my trainers for some nice velvet heels --> out for drinks at any of the above non-work situations. I am out of the house at 8am and back in at about 11pm to midnight.

My eyebags are bigger than my eyes!

Which is why I am REVELING in the face that it's the first Saturday in weeks that I am in my room, typing on my laptop at 2pm, STILL IN MY COMFY COSY PYJAMAS. My feet are thanking me, I can hear them now..."oooh baby thank you thank you for not making us trot around in three inch peep toes!". I walk around barefoot on comfy ivory carpet that we have in our cheap ya-ya aparment.

I am rested, happy and loving this me-time!

Perhaps I will even have time to post photos on Italy, Wales, and miscellaneous :)

Watch this space

Haha just kidding... I'll do it now.

Lets see, which one shall we do first?