Monday, 13 April 2009


I was vegetarian for a good two months or so and here are my thoughts:

1. Being vegan is nigh impossible. If you think going vegetarian is a big change, veganism is an absolute LIFESTYLE change - one which I personally find too much trouble for what it's worth. I don't feel passionate enough about (not) consuming animal products to be motivated to say no to milk, butter and eggs which are in everything.

2. Being vegetarian is easy because my favourite things like mushrooms, aubergines, cheese and bread are available.

3. I put on (!!!) weight being vegetarian. I think it's the carb overload. Lets just move swiftly on.

4. My hair started thinning out when I gave up meat. I think it's the lack of iron and protein. Lets just move swiftly on.

5. I am certainly making a conscious decision to make healthy choices (no processed meat ever) but am looking forward to regaining some balance in what I eat.