Tuesday, 12 May 2009

First signs of summer

Newborn goslings! Fluffy little furballs with their baby down. I like to share little gems of Castlefield with you. These babies must have hatched a week or so ago and they are peddling their little webbed feet out through the canal that runs along my apartments into the city centre. WP and I had some crumpets in hand and decided to do a little test to see if they'll take to crumpets.

The parent geese were a little hissy at first but after some cajoling with pieces of crumpet, they were fine to let their young 'uns near us.

Nom nom nom

Arrghhh look at the little baby goose butt in the air! The crumpets sank very quickly and this one did a half dive to try to retrieve a sinking crumb. How clever, eh? They were able to fend for themselves and scurry for food despite being only a couple of weeks old max.

I love it that summer is finally here!

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