Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Santa trap

Little M walked up to me with an enlightened, excited grin on his face today. 'Hey do you know how to get Santa to come to our house?'. I said no I didn't know. 'You put cookies and milk out!' he replied. Apparently, someone in elementary school told him. So his mum bought some colourful Christmas cookies and let him pour out some soy milk (silk) because the Santa that visits his home is lactose intolerant. Personally, I found the green and purple colours quite off-putting. But sugar cookies are sugar cookies and they are yummy once you get over the unnatural hues.


Cathy at Silk said...

Here at Silk, we think this may be the best Santa trap ever!! Thanks for the post Elle.
Cathy at Silk

NoeTheTechGeek said...

Lactose intolerant?!?! hahahahahahahaha!!!