Sunday, 30 January 2011

Manchester in photos: Student and union protests against spending cuts

I walked past the early conception of a joint student and workers' union protest along Oxford Road on a crisp cold Saturday morning, 29 January 2011. The police were out in anticipation of up to 15,000 protesters, although the final reported numbers came to less than that.

I wasn't sure whether to bleep out the sign as I don't want expletives on my blog. However, blogging from my phone has it's drawbacks - no Photoshop!

Police officers can has better camera than you, oh owner of phone camera.

All waiting to march.

These men turned round so I can get a proper shot of their Socialist Worker newspaper.

Frontline of a peaceful protest.

Doing their jobs

These horses attracted quite a lot of attention from passers-by not involved in the protests. The starting point of the march was in front of the Manchester museum in the university do lots of families with children were very excited about seeing police horses up close.

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