Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Lazy pants!

"Moleland: Eh how come you still work gym eat sleep?"

Yes ladies and germs I know the last blog entry was made 7 months ago. Shame shame! Drop and give meh twentehhh!

Now that previous post is absolutely prehistoric because no longer do I hit the gym. In fact, as per January 2009, my gym membership is officially cancelled. Incidentally one of my New Year's resolution is to lose 10 kgs. But that's counterproductive, you say. It boggles the mind! That's impossible! How will she do it? By sheer will power that's how! Also, I bought a purple pilates mat for £3.99 at Quality Save. All I need to do now is to unwrap the mat ever so carefully, place it ever so carefully on my living room floor and do it like my ex-Pilates instructor taught us to.

My goals for the year:

1. Wait on God with an expectant heart, continue to seek Him and His Word.
2. Lose 10kg
3. Save ££ for the LPC
4. Blog regularly and often (like so!)
5. Spend more time with people, no matter how much I loooove spending time alone, keeping in touch is important.

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