Saturday, 14 February 2009

Vegan, with eggs

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For the past month, I have made a conscious decision to give up all forms of meat. So far, it's actually worked out pretty well, much better than I expected. In fact, I don't actually miss meat!! Don't get me wrong, I love a good burger, grilled chicken and I adore any form of seafood. In fact, the hardest thing about being vegetarian would be the part where you give up seafood. Fortunately for me, fresh seafood in Britain is tres expensive, hence I never buy anyway. I did in the past buy frozen cod or frozen prawns but they lack flavour and are easy to give up. If I was in Malaysia on the other hand, things would be different - it would not be possible for me to give up fresh crab, lobster, freshly caught fish, mussels mmmmmMMMMMM as they are widely available. You know, the kind that still move before you chop their head off/ stab it / drop them in a hot pan.

There's more to give up, purely because I feel that a simple and easy line has to be drawn in order for me to shift the weight I have been so keen to lose. I want to lose 11 kgs.

From now onwards I will be vegan - i.e. no dairy products whatsoever (once I have finished up all the milky cheesy stuff in the fridge, there will be no wastage in my house!!). I will continue to eat eggs as I don't think I could give that up (yet!).

Two reasons for this: health & financial. Meat in general cost more than non-meat products. Cheese is an expensive part of my weekly food bill.

Wish me luck guys!!

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