Saturday, 7 February 2009


Normally D and I talk over the phone. We very seldom go on webcam because it's quite limiting - we have to stay put in front of the laptop, and hook ourselves up to the headphones and talk into the mic. I have a cordless phone at home:

Pro: Can move everywhere, do dishes, cook, tidy up...

Cons: I always forget where I put the darn phone, and so have to use my mobile phone to ring it. Sometimes, I also forget where I put the mobile phone - PROBLEMMM.

Anyway, so very rarely, we decide to go online and talk to each other over video conferencing, especially when his nephews are around because they want to talk to "mee shin". And they are so FLIPPIN CUTEEEE, I love watching them jump around and make faces. Matthew's 3 and Jake's 1 year old.

A couple of days ago, we decided to do just that. Finally when I was totally exhausted talking to the boys and trying to entertain them with silly faces, I asked D to shoo them away. He did, and then parked himself in front of the computer and talked to me. But his eyes were glued on the TV. Superbowl weekend - don't ask. It was fine, cuz I was surfing the net as well, and he was still talking to me. After awhile though he became a little quiet, with the odd exclamation like "urrgh! snap! whoooah! hooohooohooooooo!" when something exciting happens during the game.

I carried on chattering away about my day, and what he thinks about the heavy snowfall here in England, or how during the course of the weekdays we should spend time meeting with God and just being in His presence. He was doing his normal "mmhmm, yup, cool, yeah" mid-exclamation.

And then he moved slightly and all of a sudden he burst out laughing. I asked him what the matter was.

Diego: "Oh man I'm so sorry babe but I actually pointed the remote at you and tried to pause you."


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