Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Manna is the name of a food which was eaten by the Israelites during their travels in the desert. It was said to be sweet to the taste.

God provided the Israelites with manna every day of the week (except the 7th day) and He told them that they could not store manna up. They didn't have to as God had promised to provide them with new manna every morning.

Now, I certainly don't think this translates to saying that we do not need to save as God will provide new riches every morning. In fact, God provides, despite, over and above what we need just because He loves to bless us. I have never considered myself poor. In 1 Timothy 6, God says to us that "if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that". I have food, and I have clothes, therefore I am content.

God also teaches us to save, and to be wise with our money. Proverbs 21:20 says "the wise man saves for the future but the foolish man spends whatever he gets"

In this past year of going from full-time employment to being a student again, I have been living on manna. I'm not used to not being on an income. I had some money saved up when I was working and also a small grant from my employer, which was a real blessing indeed. As the academic year went by, I was slowly eating into this sum I've prepared for this year of full-time study.

Time and time again, God has blessed me generously and in a timely fashion. Every time I was in need, a cheque came in the post to meet that need, and a little bit more. They didn't come from my parents or family members as my family doesn't have much. I've checked the cheques (heh) to make sure they weren't sent to me by error, and can confirm they are legitimately, ethically and legally mine. God is so gracious, and this year has really taught me to live by faith in God as my source, and not by faith in my monthly payslip.

Today I felt a little defeated as I watched my bank balance drop dangerously low due to rent and bill payments. I've tried diligently to cover all bases, and apply for part-time jobs but interviewers are telling me my availability period (mid-April to mid-August) is too short. Today, I was told again that they "need someone until end of September". There doesn't seem to be a job for the period which I'm looking for. My studies require 40 hours a week (although I've managed to do with less) and I'm willing to do part-time work around that. Maybe I'm meant to focus on studying and finishing this very intense course.

I'm tightening the belt and honestly, I cannot see how I'm going to last until end of August this year when I start my full-time job. However, I know God is with me, and as long as I stay close to and delight in Him, and work hard, I have nothing to be anxious about.

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