Saturday, 10 April 2010


You know how a lot of people make New Year resolutions? Well, my resolutions tend to happen during the start of the fiscal/tax year rather than 1st January. I know, I'm such a rebel. It's either that or I'm just a little bit slow...

So here we are, my very practical new year resolutions.

1. Read God's word every day. At the moment I miss some days out then read loads on other days. I really want to grow in Him and one of the best, most practical yet powerful ways is just to read God's truth in my life.

2. Do pilates training every morning except when I'm running.

3. Run twice a week - Wednesday and Saturday

4. Lose 7 kg by 30 June 2010, and a further 6kg by Christmas 2010. I'll be keeping tabs on that on the sidebar -->

5. Keep up to date with commercial awareness.

And that's about it folks!

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