Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Shin and Wan Phing Show! Our first ever podcast.


Welcome to the Shin and Wan Phing Show, otherwise known as SAWP in short. Why? Because we are Malaysians, and Malaysians love to abbreviate things, such as KL for Kuala Lumpur, or JB for Johor Bahru.

Or even KH for Kemahiran Hidup and many many more lovely short forms like BKT (bak kut teh) and CKT (char koay teow).

Shin and Wan Phing are two Malaysians living in Manchester, and in our podcasts we talk about anything and everything that is interesting to the Malaysian abroad.

In our debut show, Shin and Wan Phing talk about eating nasi lemak and how the belacan smell will cause us to fall out with our English neighbours, what we love about Stylist magazine and why we cried during Disney's Brother Bear and Pixar's Up.

Click here to listen. Do leave us any comments and suggestions!


sokyih said...

Hello NS!! Hugs :D

Elle Zhang said...

Hello Sokyih!! Loooove! xx