Monday, 3 May 2010

Soldier-boy shoe shopping

I don't shop very often at all but when I do, I spend ages hunting for the perfect bargain. I really like fashion but don't believe in spending more than I have, which at the moment is not very much.

I like looking at the latest fashion trends but don't normally follow them. Classic, evergreen trends are definitely my kind of thing. I only buy shoes when the old pair has worn out and is beyond repair. Even then, I will wait until a sale is on.

And nothing beats the post-Christmas sales, with reductions as much as 90% off the original retail price. The downside to this is that Christmas and New Year is normally spent with my favourite man D. D really dislikes coming shopping with me. As it is, he finds shopping a pain, but coupled with my 3-hour deliberations over 10 different pairs only to decide none of them are discounted enough to buy, I think I push the boundaries of his patience.

I've tried all kinds of tactics to make the experience tolerable:

Approach 1:
Get him involved in the selection process.
Advantages: This works really well if he's interested in women's fashion
Disadvantages: Guys tend to decide too quickly, not taking into account the full breadth of options available.
Road-test report: 4/5 stars - D has, once upon a time, helped me pick out the most amazing, durable, affordable (£40), expensive-looking coat. However, this doesn't always happen!

Approach 2:
Give him something to play with whilst you shop.
Advantages: He can watch your bags for you.
Disadvantages: If he's particularly good at the game you give him, he might beat the game prematurely, run out of levels and get bored again.
Road-test report: 3/5 stars - he does indeed run out of levels in that tennis game on my phone.

Approach 3:
Don't take him with you. Leave him with your brother in the arcade.
Advantages: He bonds with your brother and you get to shop without the time pressure.
Disadvantages: They might not want to leave when you return to meet up with them for dinner.
Road test report: 5/5 stars - everyone's happy. He's up-ed his Guitar Hero skillz, I've found the perfect pair of shoes to replace the boots with a hole in the sole (yikes!)

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