Sunday, 27 June 2010

We got the iPhone4! And Seoul Kimchi, Manchester... again

D got the iPhone4. We waited in line outside the Manchester Arndale for SEVEN hours. I've never done something like that, and never will.

His iPhone4 is sim-free and so will work on any 3G network in the world. We just bought a £10 pay-as-you-go sim card later, cut it down to the size of a microsim, slotted it in and we were good to go! Diego is only here for a few weeks. On 
the day the iPhone4 was released, O2 was the only network offering microsims, and they were only available on a pay monthly basis. I was going to do a little "How-to" on how to turn your regular sim card into a microsim but the internet is full of useful information. I'll just say it involves a pen, a pair of scissors, and some careful snip-snip-snipping.

Also, a short trip to Seoul Kimchi in Manchester to have lunch the next day. The videos below were taken with the iPhone4. I should probably mention that they are a little "hazy/soft-focussy" as we didn't have the heart to remove the clear film which was covering the brand new phone. You know, that film that you try ever so hard to keep stuck on the screen of a new phone before it starts peeling off bit by bit, and eventually flopping about before you start getting a little irritated and peel the whole thing off. Yeah that one.

D wasn't feeling very well - cue bloodshot eyes. Must be all that waiting in line the day before. Sorry - being the video noob that I am, I held the phone the wrong way in the first recording.

We got the Luxury Korean Bento and Spicy Tofu and Pork stew. Yum!

I love kimchi but he avoids it at all costs. We both love Korean food though, and Seoul Kimchi's our favourite place in Manchester to have Korean.

We've not been disappointed yet!

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