Saturday, 3 May 2008

5 essentials

The five condiments/ingredients I must have in my kitchen at all times are:

1. Soy sauce
2. Wine
3. Garlic
4. Olive Oil
5. Rice

What are yours?


LV said...

1. rice
2. soy sauce
3. salt
4. garlic
5. mixed herbs (both western or chinese)

Kittenheels said...

haha! your baby photo is adorable livyen!

Anonymous said...

what about onion? i love those mouth stinkers

LV said...

ha ha ha... do u not feel like pinching those chubby cheeks???

btw, thinking of linking yr site under the name "EZ"... can ah?

Anonymous said...

to LV - sure can! my blog traffic is zero anyway heh heh

to molie - onion and garlic... hmmm very hard to choose leh.

xx Elle

Anonymous said...

do you cut your own fresh garlic or use those chopped ones sold at the supermarket?

chopping fresh garlic always makes your hands stinky stinky.. haha