Saturday, 31 May 2008

Back from Italy

I'm back from Italy which was absolutely beautiful. I travelled with E, an old girl friend who I used to go to junior college with. Travelling with her, even if it was for just five days, made me miss my old life a lot, and I LOST WEIGHT JUST HANGING OUT WITH HER! Granted I was walking loads but my eating habits have evidently changed. I used to eat like she does, and every one else back home - healthy, and now I am this pudgy girl!

I am resolved to be my old self, a high achiever both inside and out!


Anonymous said...

SOOO FUNNNNNNN i want to travel with both Es too! :P miss you lah. our london times were great innit. :D

Elle Zhang said...

It was fun my dear. London was pretty awesome! Join us next time maybe? We need to plan something way in advance ;)