Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Swiss Muesli & Milk (300kcal)

Skinny latte (70kcal)
4 Rich Tea Biscuits (160kcal)

Half a chicken & salad sandwich (210kcal)
Mini sushi set (160kcal)
So far - 900 kcal :)

Bowl of spiced parsnip & carrot soup (190kcal)
3 slices of Nimble bread with butter (300kcal)
Can of tuna - drained (331kcal)

Total: 1721 kcal

I went to the gym today :)

Weighed myself and am NOT losing weight. Why??


LV said...

blame it on water retention.... :P

LV said...

oh well... that's what i tend to do most of the time... or just hop up n down the scales, adjust the needle a bit... till you get a 'slight difference'...

he he... one of my vices :P

Anonymous said...

TEN KGS?!?!? ARE YOU CRAZY?? You're gonna disappear ok! My target is just to lose like 2kgs? haha and I can't do even that :p Must lose the tummy flab by summer! but it's been with me so long that I've gotten used to it lol btw is Nimble bread any different from Hovis or Warburton's?