Saturday, 5 April 2008

Fitness milestones!

I am very pleased to announce that I have signed up for the gym! Wooohoooooo!

My goal is to lose 10kg by 23 May. A little extreme but definitely done before.

Personal weight-loss milestones are as follows:

By end of 11 April - 2 kg
By end of 18 April - 4 kg
By end of 25 April - 6 kg
By end of 2 May - 7 kg
By end of 9 May - 8 kg
By end of 16 May - 9 kg
By end of 23 May - 10 kg

Personal fitness milestone is as follows:

Hit the gym Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - think positive! Others do it all the time, you CAN work a healthy lifestyle into a busy work schedule. Make it a habit/lifestyle change rather than forcing yourself to go and then quitting early. I am going to work out regularly for the rest of my life!

Personal food diary thing:

Keep a food diary as regularly as I can but don't sweat it if I can't "report back" as often as I'd like to. Keep calorie intake below 1500kcal per day.

I would normally say "Oh it's too hard I could never do it" but I don't want to be a pessimist. Whether I succeed or fail, or succeed some days and fail other days, I will keep trying and writing about whether or not I've managed to achieve my goal!

Motivation / Incentives

Summertime sunny beach weekends
Boyfriend runs and does weights all the time and is very cute and yummy so I should really return the favour and not be such a fatty!
Holiday in Rome/Milan/Florence end of May with Ellen.
Personal wellbeing / long-term health - badan cergas otak cerdas HAHAHA
New wardrobe!


Anonymous said...

haha only when i read the last motivation on the list did i think: "yesyesyes!"

Elle Zhang said...

haha hello yanti! yes i agree :)