Saturday, 26 April 2008

Saturday morning

I love lazy Saturdays! Woke up at 7am (yes, 7 am - something is terribly wrong with me!) and lounged in my baby shorts and baby tee. I was feeling for something extra special for breakfast so I made fondue! How retro :) There is no smell more delicious and aaaaah-worthy than the aroma of wine, lemon juice and garlic bubbling in a saucepan before a heap of grated cheese gets thrown in. I threw in a pinch of cayenne pepper and let the fondue slowly do its thing while I chopped up some capsicum, celery, smoked mackerel, fresh mushrooms and parma ham and put them in little bowls for dipping. Here's a photo of what it kinda looked like, minus the bread chunks:

(photo sourced from Google Images, I was too hungry and happy to remember to take a photo of my fondue)

I then kicked back in my sofa, brewed some tea, poured out the fondue into a pre-heated china bowl and tucked in. Yummy! Saturdays are days when I can be a lady of leisure (tai-tai!). There was nothing good on television and I did not feel like watching the news just yet.

Put some Sex and the City on and oooh baby! I absolutely love SATC! I can't decide which season is my favourite, it keeps changing. The other reason why I love the shows so very much is because it reminds me of SATC DVD marathons with Rach, Ph, Yun, occassionally SS and SL, LL would join in. Boarding school days were such wonderful times with amazing friends! Friends I still cherish today. I can't wait for the movie to come out. Girls, shall we make it a point to watch it together the next time we all see each other again?

I do miss the good old times but look forward to what is to come!

You may notice that my fondue selection did not involve any bread although I do loooove bread. I am trying to go low-carb, Atkins 6 days a week and one low carb day where I am allowed just a little tiny smidgen of carbs just to stop myself from going crazy and binging on carbs on a strict Atkins. I do feel better and I lost about 1 lb (a pound!) but I'm probably just less bloated!

When I told LM, my ever-supportive boyfriend replied:

"Baby," Gosh I hate it when he says that word with a certain tone of voice. "I hate to rain on your parade but one whole pound is actually not much of a weight loss. You could poop or be dehydrated and lose that much."


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