Sunday, 13 January 2008

Found - same boat!

I found someone who is in the same situation as I am, English law degree, Malaysian, wanting to qualify in California. Naturally I Facebooked her!

"Hi CH

I'm EZ- B's friend. We went to uni together in OX, UK and she recently mentioned you because (apparently! correct me if I am wrong) we are in kinda sorta the same boat. I've got an LLB from OX and am now working for Global Heavyweight LLP here. The problem is my boyfriend is American and the long term plan is to move to California to live with him. As we are all well aware, I am in the wrong jurisdiction! Bea told me that you are trying to qualify in Cali as well. Now what I was told by my American professor here when I was studying in OX is that the best thing to do is do an LLM in one of the big three unis in the California region - Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA etc and then proceed to do the Cali bar. He has been teaching and practising in California for quite awhile so I suppose his experience is wholly reliable albeit not the most up to date. Just wondering if you could share what your plans are? The whole LLM plan is EXPENSIVE OMG!

B said that she mentioned me to you and that I should contact you directly. I hope everything's going well on your end! Lookin forward to hearing from you.


Thanks and best wishes,


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