Thursday, 17 January 2008


My legs are ACHING! Oh maaaaaan they're sore. I was just talking to V yesterday about how I have not exercised since time immemorial... well not really, just since I started work *which to me seems like a looooooooong time ago. She made me skip rope. Yes, I fell into one of ASDA's many post-christmas health product traps. At least I bought the skipping rope for less than two quid rather than the friggin trampoline or protein shakes! I skipped rope for a grand total of four minutes and my legs were burning and screaming for me to go veg-out on the couch, watch "Diet Doctors - Inside and Out" on TV and feel good that I am not obese like the participants of the tv show. (Can I just say here that I am not prejudiced against obese people - I was fat in my teenage years - but I do think being obese is horrible, it's unhealthy and it's difficult to live with and losing weight is very challenging). I will NOT let myself get that fat, gosh having bits hanging out is just so unsightly! I want to be a hot mama until I am 60 at least... and get slimmer after each baby I've had. I want to be a trendy, lovely, slim, fit mother and my kids would look at me as an good example of how you should stay healthy. I want to be able to look gorgeous in clothes with three kids in tow and never want to hide under baggy jumpers and tracksuits.

So yes, four minutes of "intensive" workout. She then made me do sit ups and crunches. V is hardcore - she gyms 5 days a week. I used to be really good with my fitness, particularly in Singapore where everyone's a fitness freak (NAPFA? NAFTA? NAFPA?) I could run pretty well, do pull ups, press ups, I was flexible... the works. Nowadays I just walk a lot but to be honest, my cardio fitness could be much better. Upper body strength too - I probably couldn't even do one pull up and I used to be able to do quite a lot!

My legs are burning but I like the burn - I need to do more more more! Maybe I should keep a food diary here too. But wait that reminds me of a certain someone. It reminds me of Bridget Jones - the fictional woman who noted the number of alcohol units, calories and fags she's had everyday. That's original EZ, way to go...

I'll do it anyway heh heh. Here we go

Yoghurt with fruit compote.
Toast with spread and slice of mature cheddar. (how well behaved!)

Cappuccino (one hundred caffeine units)

Lamb Rogan Josh, fragrant rice and fresh salad (one billion calories)

Don't even get me started I ate so much oh man what was I thinking
(Very) Large bowl of prawn and vege fried rice
2 hash browns
Two slices Ryvita with cream cheese and honey, one slice of seeded bread with the same.
Bowl of oatmeal
(infinity calories)

Did I even come close to my five a day target? Not really. And my calorie intake was completely bumped up at the very end of the day, which is idiotic since I fall asleep a little while after dinner!

Ok I will have a little deal with myself - two resolutions until the end of January:

Skip rope and do crunches every night
To shrink my stomach, a drastic diet of 1000 kcal a day until the end of this month.

Simple enough I should think! EZ's change two things programme heh heh. Will report back tomorrow! Did you know I have actually managed to achieve weight loss of 4 kg within the span of a week just because I was consuming like 2 muesli bars per day and nothing else? This was back in high school. I wouldn't recommend it though.

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