Friday, 4 January 2008

Motivations for starting this blog

I want to qualify and work as a law attorney in California. The only problem I currently have is this: I graduated very recently with an English law degree. I am currently paralegaling in an English law firm.

I know, whoops, wrong jurisdiction!

What I know so far:

One lecturer, Dr M who taught one of my final year courses in law school here practiced and taught in the US. I asked him for his thoughts on what I could do to pursue a career as an attorney in the US, specifically California. His advice was to do an LLM in a reputable university in CA and then prepare for the Bar. From what I've gathered from my research so far, it is extremely difficult for a person without a J.D. (an American law degree) to find employment in a US law firm.

What I believe:

God will provide and he knows the desires of my heart.

My most current prayer is for my boyfriend, AW who was on his flight back to California yesterday. I have not heard from him since and his phone is off. Dear Lord, please protect him and keep him safe. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

// Update: AW is safe and back in LA!

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