Saturday, 19 January 2008

Obviously I have little self-control

Ok, lets be realistic, that 1000kcal diet is never going to happen. I guess I very much am motivated by my environment rather than from within. When I went on that 2-muesli-bar-a-day diet, I was surrounded by skinny, waif high school girls and my gym teacher told me I was too fat. I was a size 12 and lost weight to a size 8 in about 3 weeks in total.

Now I am in England where bits are pretty much celebrated! I know that unless my BMI is 19 and I am a size 8, I will always think I'm fat. Nothing can change that. My BMI is now an appalling 24!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kill me. 24 back home is obese. But oooh I love cooking :)

I'm not going to do a food diary for yesterday because it was horrendous. We had free flow champagne at the office to celebrate the promotions so the kcals in alcohol consumption alone would exceed my recommended daily intake (i.e. recommended by self). Ooh what the heck, I'll do it anyway just so I know.

Yesterday's food diary:

Hot chocolate and McCoy's Steak flavoured crisps (what kind of breakfast was that??) 600kcal

Grilled Salmon, new potatoes and vegetables in a creamy cheese sauce (should have replaced the cheesy veg with a fresh salad but I love creamy cheese sauces!) Prolly 600kcal

Hmm where do I start
4 glasses of champagne.
One too many canapes and nibbles - mini chicken mushroom pies, mini steak pies, pate and steak slices, battered king prawn skewers, bruchettas with cream cheese, cajun wedges, chicken satay, hash brown, lamb kofta ok I should stop now this is really painful haha omg I can't believe I ate all that. They were really good though. (1000000000kcal +++)



Two small boiled eggs and three slices of thick wholemeal toast with soya based spread. One clementine (300kcal)
Small bowl of cereal. (200kcal)
Two slices of Ryvita with low fat cream cheese. (200kcal)

Prawn and spinach curry I made with onions and peppers. I steamed some rice to go with it as well. (700kcal?)

I'm eating out tonight with the girls so will jot this down later :) We're going for drinks and shisha after too. I wonder if smoking shisha helps you lose weight... (?)

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