Monday, 24 March 2008

Four day weekend!

If you have not already guessed, I have been away over the Easter weekend. I had initially set my eyes on a sunny warm Easter in Cyprus but decided against it, firstly because I could not afford it but more importantly, S had very kindly invited me to stay at her cottage ("The Cottage") in North Wales.

Everything was perfectly inviting from my first step on the driveway leading to The Cottage up to the very last day. Pictures up later with a more detailed description but for now, a little teaser:

1. Quad-biking through sheep fields!
2. Horses
3. Mountains
4. Standing on the edge of the mountain overlooking the vast blue/green ocean
5. Chilly pebbled beaches
6. Slate mines
7. Golf!
8. Tea and cakes made of fresh cream
9. Roast dinners
10. Cruisin in my car CDs
11. DVD nights by the fire with a hot mug of tea

Ahhhh it was a lovely weekend and I am ready to face work again tomorrow morning!

As soon as I got back I cleaned the house and did all my muddy laundry.

What my holiday inspired me to do:

Run! Walk! Get out and work out! S and her sister K are such atheltic people and the weekend was just filled with walks walks and more walks (treks and so on) I felt so energised and could feel the weight very slowly coming off. I want to be like K who can just run up and down mountains and against strong winds for almost two hours, at a very good speed.

Oh and because I should, here's my food diary for the day:

Breakfast: Nothing

Mid morning snack:
2 boiled eggs, mushrooms and mayonnaise (300kcal)
slice of Victoria cake (400kcal)

Noodles with spinach, prawns and coriander. (450kcal)
Crisps and cheese/salsa dip (200kcal)

Ryvita and slice of chedder cheese (120kcal)
Slice of Victoria cake (stop eating so much cake lah!) (400 kcal)

Total: 1870kcal - bad!

If I took the cake out of the equation it would be 800kcal less. I need to throw all that cake out and STOP BAKING MORE CAKE!


Anonymous said...

Hey Elle,
Just thought I'd let you know that normal daily expenditure is around 2300kCal and even for a sedentary lifestyle the normal expenditure should be roughly 1900kCal. So you're still undereating ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello anonymous!

Thanks for the tip! Do I know you/you know me? lol