Sunday, 16 March 2008

My weekend

On Saturday I went to Piccadilly Gardens at 12noon for an Outdoor Praise event which was absolutely amazing! It was just so great seeing men and women of God blessing the city with a message of hope, joy and salvation. Naturally being Manchester City Centre on a Saturday afternoon, it was mad crowded and it was just so great to have people come up to us to ask questions or just participate... or just watch! For anyone who caught us that day and want to know more, just contact us at

I stand with arms high and hearts abandoned
Went for coffee and cake at Kro Bar after with Martin, Denisha and Sharon and had the yummiest apple pie and black coffee. I noticed the funniest thing when selecting my choice of cake for the "Coffee and Cake" deal. It's 2.50 for a coffee and cake (which includes the apple pie) but if you get just the apple pie you pay 2.90... Illogical!
Had to leave in a hurry to Bella Italia to meet up with Z, Shilps, S, P, Adam, Daz, Jen for lunch. It was opposite day for me - dessert first then my main meal. I am still kicking myself for not taking a photo of my food because it was awesome! I can't believe I have never thought of this before. What I did basically was order a starter platter for two as my main meal. I'm the type of person who loves having a little bit of everything and that was exactly right. It had different types of dips, hommus, mayo, tomato basil olive oil sauce thing, garlic bread, chicken, ribs and crudites. Yummy! I had a nice glass of rose as well which was delicious!
Bella Italia was in the Arndale so we moved on to Costa Coffee (I had water because I was still hyperactive from the coffee from Kro.)
Then finally - shopping for the essentials! Woohoo :)

Sunday morning's breakfast before church.

Clockwise - Carrots, grapes, celery, chedder cheese, sliced chicken roll, bread I baked the night before. And in the middle, a slice of apple & sunflower seed cake I baked a few nights ago.

Now I must say something about the bread I baked. I put bits of sunblush tomato, parmesan and chopped up some fresh chives and threw that into the mix too. The kitchen smelt beautiful and watching the dough rise and crackle as it baked was ooooh delightful. It was crusty on the outside an soft and fluffy on the inside. Warm bread fresh out the oven mmmmmmm... slice it and melt some butter over one side and mmmmm....!

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