Sunday, 30 March 2008


One of my biggest concerns with regards to my current job is the fear of my job defining me. I fear that with each day that passes, I become less able to write creatively, more inclined to write in mechanical, concise and factual sentences peppered with legalese. Heretos and herewiths and forthwiths are no fun.

I envy people with creative jobs, jobs that create or jobs that makes use of the hands. This is why I enjoy cooking and baking, a chocolate gateux or row of sushi being the objects I create from raw materials, the presentation of which requires a little bit of artistic thought. I think architects and doctors have such interesting professions. I love the challenge of the legal industry and the corporate world, but architects have the pleasure of claiming both the challenging and the artistic.

My hope is that I never lose the ability to create something beautiful, provocative, something fun and exciting, something that evokes emotion. I hope I do not become uninteresting and routine.

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